tlcc enviro

To complement our existing award winning landscaping services and our extensive maintenance division, The Landscape Construction Company (TLCC) has drawn on its wealth of experience to introduce a wide range of environmental services:

Enviro Services
  • Revegetation projects delivered to meet legislative requirements for environmental offsets and other permitting and approval conditions
  • Management and delivery of ecological restoration plans for degraded and modified landscapes
  • Implementation of restoration plans for degraded ecological corridors and riparian zones
  • On-ground delivery of ecosystem recovery plans
  • Implementation of weed eradication and management programs
  • Rapid Condition Assessments of existing vegetation in line with the Queensland Herbarium’s Biocondition Survey methodology
  • Construction and maintenance of access tracks, easements, firebreaks and walking trails in line with Australian Standards delivered to minimise environmental impacts
  • Programmed maintenance of vegetated areas to minimise bush fire hazards and manage weed and pest infestations
  • Implementation of fauna management plans including provision and installation of fauna boxes and log hollows
  • Implementation of Tree Protection Management Plans
  • On-ground delivery of marine plant offsets and rehabilitation projects
  • Construction and planting of bio retention basins


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