Contributing through aid & initiative

TLCC is a privately owned and operated business servicing communities across southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales.

With a large number of local government clients, we understand how important communities are and endeavour to support them in every way we can.

This extends beyond the delivery of our services to supporting the sporting teams, community events and local initiatives that bring neighbourhoods and districts together.

Looking to the future, our vision is to furnish our cities and towns with an abundance of open spaces for better health, life & leisure.

Sponsors of Victoria Point Sharks Junior Australian Football Club

Sponsors of Starlight Children's Foundation

Sponsors of SES Volunteers Association

GPS rugby club event sponsorship

Supporting mates in construction

Sponsors of Outback Barbarians Rugby Club

Sponsors of Redland Tigers Cricket Club

Sponsors of Burleigh Bombers AFL Club

Sponsors of Moreton Bay Able Anglers

Supporters of SES Queensland

Sponsors of Wilston Grange Gorillas AFL Club

Ferny Grove State School garden

Starlight Room at Qld Children’s Hospital

Sponsors of Plan B Foundation

Equal opportunities for all

As an employer of over 140+ staff, we acknowledge our responsibility to the individuals who make our business possible. We encourage and promote training on cultural awareness and sensitivity.

We wholeheartedly believe in creating an inclusive environment and providing equal employment opportunities regardless of gender identity, ethnicity or family status.