By Toowoomba Regional Council

Toowoomba, QLD

Discover the new Carly Hibberd Playground in Toowoomba, QLD. This upgraded facility features modern amenities, vibrant play equipment, and convenient shelters with BBQ facilities. Illuminated pathways ensure safety during evening use, while lush landscaping adds to its appeal. The playground also incorporates eco-friendly features. It’s a space where families can gather, kids can play, and the community can enjoy. The Carly Hibberd Playground reflects our commitment to enhancing public spaces for all.

Project Value $1.1M
  • Installation of Toilet Amenities Building
  • New Play Equipment and Softfall Area
  • Supply & Installation of Shelters, BBQ’s and Furniture
  • Supply, Design & Install of post lighting to internal path
  • Installation of New Signage
  • Supply & Install of New Automatic Irrigation System
  • Installation of New Paths and other Hardscape Elements
  • Earthworks and Drainage
  • New tree and ground cover planting
  • Establishment/maintenance period

Families can
play, relax, and relish the ambiance,
Day or Night.

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